About MUSE onix-marble

MUSE onix-marble is the only Romanian marble selection possessing onix characteristics with higher endurance proprieties. Its unique feature of translucency reveals the material’s true potential by amplifying the texture on its surface. MUSE onix-marble gives you the perfect equilibrium between two materials, offering onix’s beauty of translucency and marble’s sturdy performance. MUSE onix-marble is the perfect material for architectural details, adding interest to any theme as well as for very special projects. It has a mechanical resistance increased with time and reduced attrition, characteristics that recommend it for difficult applications. MUSE onix-marble delivers unparalleled beauty, permanence, and uniqueness, adding true value to any ambiance.  It is elegant, durable and each piece has a distinct design that makes it ‘one-of-a-kind.’ The stone that you choose is distinctively yours.




While affordable, MUSE onix-marble kindles perceptions that have been considered exclusive prerogatives of expensive finishes. As it is incredibly versatile to lay, a great number of geometric shapes can be created. This material has outstanding physical-mechanical properties giving it a high resistance to usage and longer polish. It’s a type of marble that holds a unique characteristic as it becomes translucent when illuminated. Every single piece is novel and combines the allurement of light, reflection and color, attaining remarkable visual sensations. MUSE onix-marble is the best choice for living room showing grand and luxurious decorative effects.

Exquisite appearance

MUSE onix-marble may vary in colour from white to rose to porto. It is  selected on the basis of shades, veins and colour. This translucent stone is synonimous with rich visual stimulation  that is full of life and maximized by light enhancing its colours and strong complexion. It is available in a wide range of harmonious colours, vein and patterns. Generally it has a rose colour, with lighter or darker shades. Its wonderful appearance, superior engineering characteristics, and ease of maintenance make it a popular choice for almost every use.


MUSE onix-marble has the same physical-mechanical features as marble, and the same translucent property as onix. It is a calcareous rock with a mid-range in its hardness, formed by fine grain crystals, having a low water-absorption. It can be also placed close to intense heat, or anyplace where there is a sudden change in temperature. It’s the very best material for decorating environments with style and sophistication.

gentle texture

MUSE onix-marble is perfect for interior finishes, floors, wall cladding, windowsills, steps and rises, decorative and carved elements, but it can also be easily used for exteriors. The variety of possible formats, sizes finishes, details and textures is incredibly rich leading to a never-ending choice. It can be used in residential, business, hotels, public projects having a natural strenght that meets all the requirements of heavy traffic areas.




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About the quarry


MUSE onix-marble is extracted from Ruschita quarry which is an unique marble deposit in Romania. We are capable of producing 20.000 cubic meters of blocks every year. In terms of production, THEDA MAR – MARMOSIM GROUP is equipped with advanced technologies, expert hand-workers and teams of skilled technicians in every production line. We have equipment that meets international standard and world leading processing techniques. In our workshop we are exigent in controlling the product quality. In order to assure that MUSE onix-marble  meets international standards we use the most advanced machinery in our facilities.